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We have this one life...
Might as well live it to the Ultimate!

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Life Coaching

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The Empower Yourself with MLG Coaching Podcast


Hi there! Thanks for visiting!

Just so you know who you are dealing with, here a quick introduction!

I am Mandi. I am a certified Life Coach and Yoga Instructor.

I know that nothing is more painful than feeling stuck. It was where I was for many years and the more I wanted to get out of that state, the more muddled everything seemed to become, and the further away I felt from getting my life onto the right track.


Being in that space for such a long time had a great effect on my general well-being and was a source of anguish and desperation.

I have been passionate about transformation and becoming the best version of myself since the day a could summon a conscious thought and therefor have also experienced a great amount of the perils and stumbling blocks one encounters along the way. 

I have learnt that change does not have to be long and painful. Transformation can happen for anyone. And we all have the innate power to become who we want to be.


To me clarity is at the heart of transformation and the more we have of that, the easier life becomes.

I truly believe that every person is magnificent and it brings me utmost joy to help anyone who is willing and committed to re-discover their own greatness. 

I look forward to meeting you!


Lunch Meeting

Transformation starts with seeing clearly. Sometimes we just need someone to help us find the light switch.

Please note: the free consultation session is only valid for one booking. If missed, a full session payment will apply to reschedule.

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